Switching Static Website Generator

Posted on February 21, 2021 by Adrian Wyssmann ‐ 2 min read

Switching my website from Jekyll to Hugo and the reasons why

my new website Hugo and Doks
my new website made with Hugo and Doks

Why switching the website generator?

When I switched from Wordpress to [Jekyll] I was quite happy cause maintaining the site was much easier - cause everything is code. However, as I want to add more stuff than only blog posts including some non-english content, I tried adding multi-language support to my Jekyll-site, using jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin. As I was struggling to get it working quickly, I figured, maybe should sit down and see whether [Jekyll] is the right choice. back then I did not really look around, but just wanted to get rid of Wordpress. So this time let’s do some research.

Why Hugo

I eventually found https://jamstack.org/. As of today the page list 322 results, which is a lot of static website generator - too much to evaluate each one of them. So how to proceed then? Well obviously a good start is looking at the onces with most Github stars - apparently these frameworks seems very appealing to a lot of people.

Do be clear, mi intention is not to do a comparison of different frameworks as this would need a proper evaluation. I am just simply looking for something easy to use incl. multi-language support

Among the top project is not only [Jekyll], but also others. So what I did is

  • looked into the documentation and the showcases
  • installed (some of) them and initialized a simple website
  • made some modifications to see how difficult it is to understand syntax and make changes

As I am no web developer I usually rely on cool open-source themes and then do my modifications - which is by the way really nice to get to know details. During my “evaluation” I eventually found [DOKS] - an amazing theme. It`s made with [Hugo].