Build and Test .NetCore2.0 app with Jenkins

Recently, for a job interview I had to solve a development task: Create a .NET C# application which converts digital numbers into roman numbers. As I recently attended a presentation regarding dotnetcore 2.0, I've decided to do the tasks with exactly that framework to have a cross-platform solution. Well the... [Read More]

Docker basics hands-on

I wrote quick "Hands-on" for beginners to cover docker basics with simple containers so I won't go into details of complex application, service definitions or swarms. What I want to do is run a webserver inside a container with persistent data [Read More]

Powershell Remoting

Powershell remoting enables to work on a remote computer as you may be used on Linux using ssh. In difference to Linux, where this is usually straight-forward, I find it a bit more complicated on Windows - however achievable. There are two was a remote PS connection can be established... [Read More]

First Docker image for Windows

Creating an own docker image is not very difficult - I mean it's pretty well documented here. The challenges actually come when you want to create an image which is not just a simple example but something useful for your needs. Still mainly working at a company with Microsoft focus,... [Read More]