Create jenkins JLNP slave programmatically

Adding a slave to a Jenkins master always required to add the slave via the GUI and then gather the secret in order to be able to connect the slave. So I was wondering whether a slave could be created programmatically. My initial search brought me to this Stackoverflow post... [Read More]

How to work with git - a newbie guide

I got in touch with git when I was starting using Github. However as these projects were merely single contributor projects, some basic commands did it for my work there. There was no branching, no rebasing or whatsoever. Now after working on a daily basis with git and using it... [Read More]
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Back again, everything new

Wow it has been already one year since I published my last blog entry. How time passes… Not that I have nothing to write, in contrary there are a lot of new exciting things I have done and learned in the past 1 and a half year since I’ve started... [Read More]
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Sync git repos between different Git git hosters

Github or Gitlab are cool and you can find really nice projects.But in a company environment you may not necessarily use Github or Gitlab, especially if you want to host your code internally - even so they support on-premise installations as well. So in certain cases you may want to... [Read More]
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Access Github from behind a proxy

Not in every company you can access sites like as easy. Sometimes you may sit behind a proxy. In addition you may also have internal git repos which you need to access. In that case best way to do so is to define a proxy for in your... [Read More]
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