Sync git repos between different Git git hosters

Github or Gitlab are cool and you can find really nice projects.But in a company environment you may not necessarily use Github or Gitlab, especially if you want to host your code internally - even so they support on-premise installations as well. So in certain cases you may want to... [Read More]
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Access Github from behind a proxy

Not in every company you can access sites like as easy. Sometimes you may sit behind a proxy. In addition you may also have internal git repos which you need to access. In that case best way to do so is to define a proxy for in your... [Read More]
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Build and Test .NetCore2.0 app with Jenkins

Recently, for a job interview I had to solve a development task: Create a .NET C# application which converts digital numbers into roman numbers. As I recently attended a presentation regarding dotnetcore 2.0, I’ve decided to do the tasks with exactly that framework to have a cross-platform solution. Well the... [Read More]

Docker basics hands-on

I wrote quick “Hands-on” for beginners to cover docker basics with simple containers so I won’t go into details of complex application, service definitions or swarms. What I want to do is run a webserver inside a container with persistent data [Read More]