Powershell Remoting

Powershell remoting enables to work on a remote computer as you may be used on Linux using ssh. In difference to Linux, where this is usually straight-forward, I find it a bit more complicated on Windows - however achievable. There are two was a remote PS connection can be established... [Read More]

First Docker image for Windows

Creating an own docker image is not very difficult - I mean it’s pretty well documented here. The challenges actually come when you want to create an image which is not just a simple example but something useful for your needs. Still mainly working at a company with Microsoft focus,... [Read More]

MobaXterm - a powerful terminal for Windows

When you need to have have remote sessions to your hosts and your working environment is a Windows client, you most probably will use putty. But putty is somehow limited as it only supports few connection types (ssh, telnet, serial, raw, rlogin). Also the session management is not very comfortable... [Read More]

Docker on Windows

Back in September Docker and Microsoft announced the commercial partnership to extend Docker Engine to Windows Server. This is interesting, then so far Docker was available for Linux only.  Sure, you could install the Docker Toolbox on Windows, but this solution uses boot2docker is a lightweight Linux distribution based on... [Read More]

Docker and Data Storage

In this blog entry we have seen that once a Docker container is deleted also the data written to the container is deleted. Obviously there are good reasons where you might want to keep certain data you have created in your container to be able to reuse them later or... [Read More]

Arch Linux Security Tracker Announced

Yesterday the Arch Linux Security Team announced the new security tracker for Arch Linux which made available under https://security.archlinux.org/. The security tracker lets you browse for ASAs (Arch Linux Security Advisories), AVGs (Arch Linux Vulnerability Groups) and CVEs in Arch Packages. But what are these? [Read More]