Open data platform of the swiss public transport

The public transport organization SBB recently opened platform for customer information data on public transport in Switzerland. Anyone can obtain obtain data on public transport free of charge and get access to specific public transport services for all licensed transport companies in Switzerland. The platform provides timetable, real-time and actual... [Read More]

Regular Screenshot of a website

I recently had  a request to monitor a dynamic website i.e. The site allows to do interactive presentations with voting which are updated on-the-fly and display accordingly - in this case in a word cloud. The voting was setup and open for about one week and we wanted to... [Read More]
Tags: phantomjs

How to report bugs?

When I used to work as test manager I encouraged my people to write issues/bugs that have certain quality. But actually this is not only true for testers but generally for everyone who reports bugs - especially if you are not in direct contact with the developers. [Read More]