.Net on Linux

Follow the guidelines on https://www.microsoft.com/net/core#windows to install .Net Core for Linux. In case you are using Arch Linux, then you can get the package from the AUR (dotnet-cli 1.0.0_preview2_003131-1 as of today). After that you can start creating a project. [Read More]
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Online Books

If you are ever looking for a book-flatrate with a lot of technical books, I highly recommend Safaribooksonline It covers over 40 publishers, including O’Reilly Media, Addison-Wesley, Prentice Hall, Microsoft Press, Cisco Press, Peachpit Press, Adobe Press, Apress, Fifty Lessons, McGraw-Hill and dozens more.
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Welcome on my site

Welcome to my site. After several months of inactivity I have relaunched my site with focus on blogging about my day-to-day activities in sw testing and devops activities. The frequency of my blogs depends on my workload means whenever I have time and something interesting I will share it here....