Cloud Infrastructure

My personal recommendation of tools and services for your infrastructure incl. cloud and kubernetes

Posted July 19, 2022 by Adrian Wyssmann

Cloud Security

Url Source Description
curifense Source Curiefense is a unified, open source platform protecting cloud native applications
crowdsec Source An open-source massively multiplayer firewall able to analyze visitor behavior & provide an adapted response to all kinds of attacks. It also leverages the crowd power to generate a global IP reputation database to protect the user network
terrascan Source Detect compliance and security violations across Infrastructure as Code to mitigate risk before provisioning cloud native infrastructure
checkov Source Prevent cloud misconfigurations during build-time for Terraform, Cloudformation, Kubernetes, Serverless framework and other infrastructure-as-code-languages with Checkov by Bridgecrew
Clair Source Vulnerability Static Analysis for Containers


Url Source Description
Nebula Source A scalable overlay networking tool with a focus on performance, simplicity and security


Url Source Description
Awesome Pipeline Source A curated list of awesome pipeline toolkits inspired by Awesome Sysadmin