My personal recommendation of tools and services for kubernetes

Posted July 19, 2022 by Adrian Wyssmann


Url Source Description
Kubernetes Operations (kops) Source Kubernetes Operations (kops) - Production Grade K8s Installation, Upgrades, and Management
Kubeone Source Kubermatic KubeOne automate cluster operations on all your cloud, on-prem, edge, and IoT environments
keptn Source Cloud-native application life-cycle orchestration. Keptn automates your SLO-driven multi-stage delivery and operations & remediation of your applications
kubermatic Source Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform - the Central Kubernetes Management Platform For Any Infrastructure
Hyscale Source HyScale is an Application Centric Abstraction Framework over K8s.
Rancher Source Complete container management platform


Url Source Description
external-secrets Source The External Secrets Kubernetes operator reads information from a third party service like AWS Secrets Manager and automatically injects the values as Kubernetes Secrets
sealed-secrets Source A Kubernetes controller and tool for one-way encrypted Secrets
Network-MultiTool Source Multi-arch multitool for container network troubleshooting.
octant Source Highly extensible platform for developers to better understand the complexity of Kubernetes clusters.
skooner Source Simple Kubernetes real-time dashboard and management
acme-distributed Source Simple ACME client for distributed certificate ordering
chaos-mesh Source A Chaos Engineering Platform for Kubernetes
kadalu Source A lightweight Persistent storage solution for Kubernetes / OpenShift using GlusterFS in background
Kamus Source An open source, git-ops, zero-trust secret encryption and decryption solution for Kubernetes applications
sonobuoy Source Sonobuoy is a diagnostic tool that makes it easier to understand the state of a Kubernetes cluster by running a set of Kubernetes conformance tests and other plugins in an accessible and non-destructive manner.

Local Clusters

Url Source Description
kind Source Kubernetes IN Docker - local clusters for testing Kubernetes
minikube Source Run Kubernetes locally