Following my previous post like me at my work or my kids at school are using MS-Teams. Therefore I compiled some recommendations for communication with MS-Teams. Maybe this is helpful for you too.

General Rules

Mute the microphone if you are not speaking

Nothing is more bothering than hear background noise while you try to listen to a conversation. To avoid background noise the meeting host can mute anyone not speaking, however we consider it more polite, if everyone not actively participating in the conversation to mute herself.

Always put on the camera

It’s nice to see who is on the other end of the call and helps bonding. In addition, MS Team automatically focus the speaker of a conversation and thus you can see him/her.

Think before interrupting people

Interruption of people is a productivity killer so if it’s not important avoid just inviting them to ad-hoc video calls or PM them.

Check the IM status of people and “busy” means they are busy and should not be interrupted, you still can let them a PM but remember that communication is asynchronous so you might need to wait to get an answer.

For meeting, schedule them in advance and always check the calendars of the attendees

MS Teams

Use MS Teams channels instead PM a single person for (Urgent) help requests

Always think about a team so instead of pinging the person you think may be responsible, inform the whole team so

  • everyone of the team can see the request
  • the right person (which is also available) can address your problem

Group meetings in puplic channels

If you hold a meeting in a channel, it is visible to everyone and people can join at any time without them to have to be explicitly invited. Still you can invite them. The camera icon shows when there is a meeting running.

The camera icon shows when there is a meeting running

Private meetings can be still be held in the private channels so only the people with access to the channel also can see and join the meeting.

Chat/Discuss in MS Teams not in E-Mails

Same as above: The whole team can see that there is a “discussion” ongoing and can join the discussion or give feedback.

In addition conversations are “archived” and people can follow-up asynchronously.

Use the appropriate channel

Notification works on channel basis and thus if people are interested in a specific topic the join the respective channel.

So it is essential that you think about a good channel concept and while creating them also describe them. Unfortunately the channel description is currently not yet directly visible in the chat windows but only in the channel settings.

Example of channels

Posting to the correct channel helps to not disturb people with stuff they are not interested. There is always a General channel where everybody of a team belong to. Therefore use this channel for topics which concerns all.

You still can share messages to other channels using @ChannelName or the

Manage tags Example of tags

Some information you send out may be relveant to be shared in multiple channels, so you can select “Post in multiple channels”

Post in multiple channels

Think in conversations and create a title if it makes sense

A conversation is a series of messages sent between your bot and one or more users

Keep conversations together and hit reply rather than creating a new conversation, this will keep a conversation which belongs together, together.

The advantage of this is also that if someone replies to a conversation, the conversation moves to the bottom of the conversation window so you don’t have to find the conversation which was updated.

A conversation

Use @NAME or @TAG or @CHANNEL or @TEAMNAME to address people or groups of people

This will specifically notify people about a message which concerns them

Type Description
@NAME A specific person
@TAG A group of persons which is defined per team
@CHANNEL All persons which are subscribed to this channel
@TEAMNAME All persons which are members of your team

Format your code

Use backtick &#96 (for single words) or ``` for blocks to format your code

formatted code example

For longer code snippets you can also use the code snippet element

code snippet

Check your notifications settings and adjust them

There are default settings per channel usually made by the owner but you can adjust it. The feed can be selected under “Activity”

notification settings


Pin important channels

Pinned channels appear on the top of your activities sidebar/banner:

pinned channels