Ansible role do install and setup regular backups with borg-backup

Posted July 19, 2022 by Adrian Wyssmann


Role Summary

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Ansible role do install and setup regular backups with borg. The role does the following

  • [Optional] Delete existing repository

  • Initialize a repository at protocol://backup_server:target_dir or target_dir


    In case the repo target_dir already exists, the initalization will be skipped If backup_server is not specified role assumes a local backup i.e. to a local directory

  • Create a systemd service which regularly (accoring to backup_schedule) runs script from

  • There will be an individual borg-script named automatic-backup-{{service_name}}.sh in /opt/borg_backup which is customized with

    • backup_source_dir
    • backup_exclude_file or backup_exclude_list
    • backup_schedule


During the past years I used different tools for backup but ultimately found borg one of the best to use.4