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How I manage my dotfiles

It is common practice to track dotfiles with a version control system like Git and to synchronize them across various hosts. There are various approaches, so I would like to tell you how I do it

Sign your commits with a gpg key

Often open source projects require you to sign your git commits in order to verify they are coming from you. I made a quick tutorial on what is needed.

Git-hooks - Automatically check for secrets in your code

Who did not once in his/her life commit secrets to the code and instantly regretted it? Well we can use git-hooks to avoid that.

Git-hooks - a practical example with tf docs

You are working on terraform code and want to ensure your documentation is updated after you made some changes. Why don't you use git-hooks for that?

Successful jenkins build remains "In Progress" in Bitbucket - and how to workaround

It may happen that even so successful jenkins build remains "In Progress" in Bitbucket.

git hooks

Did you ever pushed stuff to a git repo and then breaking your branch, just cause you did not checked beforehand, if all is fine. I'm sure you did. Wouldn't it be just cool if some checks ran automatically before committing or pushing?

How to work with git - a newbie guide

I got in touch with git when I was starting using Github. However as these projects were merely single contributor projects, some basic commands did it for my work there. There was no branching, no rebasing or whatsoever. Now after working on a daily basis with git and using it in big(ish) teams, I thought to write down a little guide for newbies on how to work with git.