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How to work with multiple projects in Hetzner Cloud

In Hetzner Cloud you can have multiple projects. As you can have different members per group, it really makes sense to have different projects for different purposes. I will explain in this article on how I work with multiple projects in Ansible, as well when using the cli

How to pass lists and dicts as extra vars when running an ansible playbook

Passing simple strings to an ansible playbook as extra-vars is easy, but what if you want to pass lists or dictionary? Let's see...

What are tags in Ansible and how to use them

Sometimes you have playbooks or roles which you only want to execute parts of it and not all. This is where you can use ansible tags.

Dynamic inventory with Ansible and Hetzner Robot and Hetzner Cloud

I use Hetzner Servers and Hetzner Cloud for my own infrastructure which I setup with Ansible since the beginning. It's usually not much servers so overseeable. However, maintaining static inventory for my ansible project is a bit cumbersome when you already have all information available in the management interface. So let's see what we can do about and how I can reduce manual overhead.