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Gitlab and Terraform together

My source code repository for private stuff is Gitlab and while working with Terraform, I want to have the state store remotely rather than locally. What are the options?

Importing terraform resources using Atlantis

Using atlantis to apply changes on existing works great, but how you deal with importing of exiting resources? Let me explain what is the issue, and how I solved it.

Import existing resources to Terraform

When working with Terraform, the changes are good that you are not starting from scratch, but you already have something setup previously and now want to manage it with Terraform

Terraform and Hetzner Cloud

While I had already looked into Terraform in the past, I am actually pretty new to it, and just started now to take a better look at it and working with it

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Terraform

While I am am huge fan of Ansible not everything can be done out of the box. My issue particularly is the configuration of Cloudflare, which I still do via the Web UI.

Installation of dependencies of an ansible role

Some observations regarding using dependencies in ansible roles

My ansible roles

In meanwhile I got some experiences in writing roles and yesterday I finally finished my 3rd role - for me this is much considering my spare time left after work and family.