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Using a proxy server with groovy script in Jenkins

Sitting behind a corporate proxy may give you some additional security but it's often challenging to get things done. I really had some troubles to get the groovy script in jenkins to use the proxy server.

Jenkins plugin repo as proxy repo when behind a corporate proxy

Jenkins is a very popular ci solution and offer a lot of extensibility by plugins. However, updating these plugins while you are sitting behind a corporate firewall. I explain you what is the issue and how we solve it.

Declarative pipelines with Jenkins

I guess working in sw development we all know Jenkins and the ones how have to maintain it, knows the pain it can cause. Still, even if there are (better) alternatives, Jenkins may still be the first choice for a lot of companies. I would like to share here some things, which helps to reduce duplication of code and sharing pipelines among teams.

Successful jenkins build remains "In Progress" in Bitbucket - and how to workaround

It may happen that even so successful jenkins build remains "In Progress" in Bitbucket.

Create jenkins JLNP slave programmatically

Adding a slave to a Jenkins master always required to add the slave via the GUI and then gather the secret in order to be able to connect the slave. So I was wondering whether a slave could be created programmatically.

Build and Test .NetCore2.0 app with Jenkins

Recently, for a job interview I had to solve a development task: Create a .NET C## application which converts digital numbers into roman numbers