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OPA Gatekeeper and issue while doing a cluster restore

We recently encountered a huge problem, when using OPA Gatekeeper in a Rancher cluster and performing a restore of this cluster

What is Open Policy Agent (OPA) and OPA Gatekeeper

I finally caught up on our clusters to have a look at the replacement of the pod security policies which haven been deprecated and it's possible successor/replacement.

Migrate kubernetes volumes

We recently changed the storage backend of the clusters and hence introduced a new storage class. The question now is, how do we migrate the existing storage to use the new storage class?

What is Stackrox (Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes)?

At my current employer we use a container security platform called Stackrox, which recently was acquired by RedHat. But that is it exactly and for what is it good?

Automated OS update with kured for servers running k8s

If you are running a bare-metal cluster you probably run kubernetes on top of some linux os, these systems have to be regularly updated. But an update means sometimes that you have to reboot your servers. This also means during a reboot that particular node is node available to schedule workload.