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Helix, a modern editor for linux

When working on the shell (locally or remotely) and I need to modify a file, I usually use vi. However, I often miss features like syntax highlighting or properly managing indentation,. This is where helix shines.

What is ZSH and why I prefer it over bash

When you work on Linux, you usually have bash as your default shell. I already switched a long time ago to Z-Shell cause it has some neat features, which improves my productive massively.

Pet - A Command Line Snippet Manager

I always look to improve the way I work, often also by the help of tools. Github is always a good place to look what's new, and I eventually always find interesting tools which I did not knew before. For example pet, a command line snippet manager.

How to install WSL on Windows 2019 server behind a corporate proxy

At my current employer we have to use Windows Server virtual machines as development environments. For me as a Linux fanboy, this is not a very nice experience, hence why not use WSL?

Zellij, an alternative to screen and tmux

Terminal window managers are very helpful. I found Zellij, which seems to be a very nice alternative to tmux and screen

Tux-Tage 2021

Tux-Tage is a live moderated online event that consists of lectures, discussions, workshops and much more about the world of free software. The event is in German.

Use Archlinux as your pentest distribution

Often pen-tester/security expert/hacker use Kali Linux or Parrot as their distro of choice. While they are great, I use Archlinux as my daily driver. Thus I want to have the same toolset as these distros installed and configured on my Archlinux

Notifications for failing Systemd services

When systemd services fail you usually don't really notice it unless it's a critical service. However there may be situations where it would be nice that you are mare aware of failing services.

How I manage my dotfiles

It is common practice to track dotfiles with a version control system like Git and to synchronize them across various hosts. There are various approaches, so I would like to tell you how I do it

Packet filtering in Linux - iptables, nftables and firewalld

Packet filtering is essential for network security and Linux offers this out of the box. There are different possibilities like iptables, nftables or firewalld, and a basic understanding of these is very useful.

Cheatsheets and KB

Until know I have my own cheatsheet section in may website. Even so writing them helped me to memorize some stuff, they are far from complete. Thus I decided to drop them in favor of community driven solutions.

Convert Manjaro Linux back to Arch Linux

Manjaro is e very popular distribution based on Arch. I tried it for several months ultimately decided to switch back to pure Arch. But how to do so, without a complete new installation?

Flameshot: A cool tool to make screenshots under Linux

Writing technical blogs often requires to do screenshot, where you may also want to highlight stuff of even obsfucate sensitive data.

Create an encrypted container in Linux

In case you have sensitive files which you want to additionally protect, you could add the to a zip file and encrypt the zip file. Or you might as well use an encrypted container

Automated OS update with kured for servers running k8s

If you are running a bare-metal cluster you probably run kubernetes on top of some linux os, these systems have to be regularly updated. But an update means sometimes that you have to reboot your servers. This also means during a reboot that particular node is node available to schedule workload.

How to know when your Linux system requires a reboot

When you manage Linux systems it's usually pretty clear how to reboot a system. But do you know how to check whether a system requires a reboot? Cause you don't want to reboot a system if it is not necessary

Linux Presentation Day (LPD)

Did you ever heard of Linux Presentation Day (LDP). If not, I will tell you about.

How to get a time difference of two log entries

I recently was tasked with a small problem on how to get a time difference of two log entries

How to rescue data from windows

My son has a Surface Go Tablet which suddenly stopped booting. Even after trying to uninstall patches etc. I could not bring it back, so I decided to help him to get the data from the tablet, so he can use it.

Unattended Installation of Linux and Windows

Unattended installation is the possibility to install an operating system without human interaction. Principally it is the same for Windows and Linux: An "answer file" which describes the configuration is provided as an input for the installer. These "answer files" provide any kind of setup options including how to partition disks and what packages/features to install.