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Network simulation with GNS3 and CML

As I am currently working on refreshing my networking skills and as I want to get deeper into network security, I was looking for some courses. As part of this research, I stumbled over GNS3 and CLM, both tools to create virtual lab environments.

Posted September 26, 2021 by Adrian Wyssmann ‐ 6 min read

Packet filtering in Linux - iptables, nftables and firewalld

Packet filtering is essential for network security and Linux offers this out of the box. There are different possibilities like iptables, nftables or firewalld, and a basic understanding of these is very useful.

Posted July 9, 2021 by Adrian Wyssmann ‐ 8 min read

Crowdsec, a collaborative behavior detection engine

Last Wednesday I was attending the DevOps Connect: DevSecOps at RSAC 2021, whereas a cool project was presented: Crowdsec, a collaborative behavior detection engine, coupled with a global IP reputation network

Posted May 22, 2021 by Adrian Wyssmann ‐ 11 min read

What is Cloudflare and why I love it

Ever since I discovered Cloudflare I am a big fan of it. They offer a lot of great products, especially also for me as an individual with a very tiny - or non-existent - IT budget.

Posted April 19, 2021 by Adrian Wyssmann ‐ 5 min read