False negative / false positive tests

Explain what is false positive and false negative tests

Software testing is not only running test cases but more of using a testers mindset and skills to find bugs and verify that the software is working correctly. However, usage of test cases (manual or automated) is essential to speed-up your testing and having reproducible tests for your regression testing. Obviously you want to be able to trust the tests - especially the outcome of these tests. However, regardless whether it is manual or automated testing, there are two terms you should understand and bear in mind. So what is it?

Test Data Management

What is test data management and why it is important?

Test data management is crucial on the test engineering process and therefore shall be considered carefully. But what is 'Test Data Management' and why is it important?

Test Data

Explain what is test data

Test data is very important for testing, but why? and what is test data?