ansible role to install ttrss with all it's dependecies (php, postgres, lighttpd)

Posted July 19, 2022 by Adrian Wyssmann


Role Summary

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Installs an dedicated instance of Tiny Tiny RSS and all it’s dependencies (php, PostgreSQL, Lighttpd).

Some restriction/caveats:

  • The role does currently install and use lighttpd
  • The role is not yet intended to install side-by-side of another app
  • Very limited lighttpd configuration e.g. no ssl}

I recommend to use the role on a dedicate cloud instance - see below for an example on how I use it.


When having a lot of sources for news the best way to keep in control for me is to use aggregate rss feeds in a single place. TTRSS is an amazing open source news aggregator with a lot of features which let’s me have control of which sources for news I consume and what of the topics I see or don’t - you can filter out topics which you are not interested.

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