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I use Ansible since a long for setting up my infrastructure and this I also created roles for things I needed

Posted March 23, 2021 by

I find Ansible it quite cool and very simple to use. One of the feature of Ansible are roles:

Roles are ways of automatically loading certain vars_files, tasks, and handlers based on a known file structure. Grouping content by roles also allows easy sharing of roles with other users.

Roles follow a certain structure as you can read in the docu. Finally you can find all available roles in ansible-galaxy.


Posted March 23, 2021 by Adrian Wyssmann


ansible role to install ttrss with all it's dependecies (php, postgres, lighttpd)

Posted March 24, 2021 by Adrian Wyssmann


Ansible role do install and setup regular backups with borg-backup

Posted March 23, 2021 by Adrian Wyssmann


Ansible role to forward syslog to a log service like or

Posted March 23, 2021 by Adrian Wyssmann


This ansible role does download and install cloudflared on the host and optionally installs the argo-tunnel as a service.

Posted April 25, 2021 by Adrian Wyssmann

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